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Synthetic Ground Cover material for Multi-Functional BASKETBALL- VOLLEYBALL- HANDBALL and BADMINTON courts is manufactured by DESPOL POLİÜRETAN, and has ISO 9001:2000 – ISO 14001 certificates and complies with DIN Norms.
Polyurethane Ground Cover Application Method
Required Material List

a) Glue (Taely-Adhesive) 500gr/m²
b) 5-6-8-10mm Regupol (Rolled Rubber)
c) Pulastic EG sealer 500gr/m²
d) Pulastic Polyurethane Cover 2000gr/m²
e) Pulastic PU topcoat paint 150gr/m²
f) Pulastic PU Marking Paint

Application Method
• After cleaning the proper concrete substructure, 2-compound Taely-Adhesive is applied on the concrete.
Approximately 500gr / m²

• After applying the adhesive, Ready-made Rolled Rubber REGUPOL (shock absorbing layer) with a thickness of 5-6-7-8-10mm is laid and affixed to the surface and ground is homogenized in thickness

• Rubber layer PULASTIC EG SEALER special filling material is applied with a spatula, thus the pores are filled.
Approximately 500 gr / m²

• When the filling material is cured, 2-compound PULASTIC POLYURETHANE surface coating is applied to the upper coat by mixing and pouring on-site in 2 stages and a thickness is obtained.
Approximately 2200 gr/m²

• Then, matte, 2-compound topcoat PULASTIC PU (with the desired color) is applied to the surface with a roller and kept until it is cured.
Approximately 150 gr/m²

• Hall is put to service after drawing field markings with the internationally standard colors.

Technical Specifications

√ The floor consisting of 6-8-10mm Rolls (Ready-made Rubber) + 2mm Pulastic Polyurethane based coating is an ideal coating for all Sports Halls..

√ It prevents reflection and skidding of the athletes thanks to its Matte Topcoat, and it is very resistant to scratching and wear. (It may be applied in the desired color.)

√ It is not affected by the pressure of the heavy bodies to the ground.

√ The ground that the material will be applied shall be smooth and even, it shall not be slant and shall be damp-proof.
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